In a divided world, Qdoba thinks our differences can unite us. Building on their existing tagline, we created an interactive digital campaign that encourages people to come to Qdoba together. 

AD: David Powers 

AD: Eduardo Gonzalez 

Qdoba-Digital-Mural-V2 (1).png
Qdoba Food Snap Mock 1.png
QDOBA the people mock .png

The United By Flavor campaign is centered by what we call "Unifying Murals." In exchange for in-store rewards, Qdoba customers can send a snap of their food to a Qdoba account. An algorithm will then analyze the colors and various ingredients in the image and reflect them in an abstract mural via digital billboard. These murals symbolize that though members of our community have different tastes, we can all come together at Qdoba.

Qdoba Coupon Mock.png

Visitors to the mural can post it on their Snapchat story. Snapchat's technology will identify the mural in the photo, and activate a coupon for either one half, one third, or one fourth of a free entree. The visitor must then find the right amount of friends with matching coupons and go to Qdoba together in order to claim the free food.