Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise is a foundation that builds schools, donates supplies, and provides opportunities for children in need around the world. To encourage direct engagement beyond a donation line, we created a series of profit-generating activations.

Copywriter: Julian Castillo

POP envelope with explanation.jpg

Recycled Pencils - These envelopes would be distributed to schools in America and children would be instructed to fill them with old papers. Those papers would then be made into recycled pencils, which would be donated to children

in need.

3 notebooks.jpg

Moleskin Partnership - Pencils of Promise will partner with Moleskin to create a line of notebooks with punched-out designs on the cover, symbolizing what the school needs to become whole. Proceeds from the notebooks would go towards donating the item on the cover (i.e. books, pencils, new schools).

POP Ebay.jpg

Celebrity Pencils - To create buzz online, Pencils of Promise will auction off pencils on eBay that were chewed on by various celebrities. All of the proceeds will be used for school supplies.