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Since the 1970's Eric Arakawa has earned a spot in the hearts of professional and amateur surfers as one of the best board shapers in the world. To maintain his brand on Facebook, I focused on the dedication he puts into each handcrafted surf board -- something a lifelong surfer like him would know best.

Voice Brief

Arakawa Surfboards is established as one of the premier surfboard companies to have risen from the North Shore of Oahu. Born and raised in Hawaii, founder and shaper Eric Arakawa moved to Sunset Beach at the age of 18 to begin what is now over 30 years of experience building boards for the world's elite. Located 15 minutes from Pipeline, his small factory is filled with the hum of machines, the scent of resin, and above all, shapers with a passion for creating the magic board. Every order is personally designed by Eric and carefully tuned by hand. After decades of hand shaping, he now marries the precision of CAD with the art and soul of shaping, creating some of surfing's finest boards ridden by novices and touring pros alike. Eric Arakawa and his team will work together with you to build a board that gets you as stoked about surfing as they are. This is a factory that lives, eats, and breathes surfboards. These are proven boards from the proving grounds.

Color Scheme

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